What and Why?

We want to know more about YOU! You as the Founder(s) of your company and your unique business idea(s). We ask that you submit a very short introduction Video (3-5 minutes) that covers the following:

  1. Founders information (Tell us about yourself and the team. Quick backgrounds? Field of Expertise? Why you founded the business? Why you are passionate about what you are creating?)
  2. Product Information (What problem are you trying to solve and why?)
  3. Traction/ Market Research (What successes have you seen so far? Who are your competitors?)
  4. Financials (Revenue? It’s ok if you have no revenue to date, but do include your Financial Projections.)
  5. Asks (What are you hoping to get out of your experience with Prota? At Prota we seek to invest in the company through human flourishing. We may invest with money or invest by providing advisory services or even with  providing talent to help build your business. Let us know your exact needs so we can better understand how to help.)
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