Begins April 4, 2023

Startup Ideation Incubator

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  • Test demand for your product idea
  • Validate core value offerings
  • Set up legal and business systems
  • Recruit initial team
  • Design and test a product prototype
  • Prepare for Q2 2023 Product Accelerator

In partnership with:

Previously incubated products

Products ready for CEOs

If you don't have your own idea to bring, we have products ready for testing.

Startup Rocket

An operational framework to create, grow, and fund your venture.

Connect Hero

Manage your own trust network and  make introductions easier.


All your creative works in one place, delivered directly to your audience


A meta platform for managing and sharing what you are working on.

Research & Me

Connects researchers together with participants across the globe.


Helps teams easily organize and manage projects and processes.

Types of Product Ideas

Web2 / SaaS
D2C Physical Products
Web2 Consumer
Web2 Marketplace
Web3 / Impact DAO


Professional-grade sous vide for an all-in-one brewing solution.

Some of the mentors

Hands on training and support from experienced founders, investors, and experts

We invest in founders at the earliest stages

We are a network of experienced investors, advisors, and builders who aim to promote human flourishing by working with founders at the earliest stages of their journeys, even before an idea has been fully formed or product has been built. Over the last 10 years we’ve worked alongside founders to test ideas, build teams, develop products, and successfully go to market.

The Details

Eight Weeks in length
Two live sessions per week; Tuesday and Thursday at Noon PT/7pm UTC (asynchronous recordings available)
Open office hours available every week with the team
Access to the Prota Ventures Network of experts and advisors
Regular cohort based work sessions to help each other out
One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we get from YC founders [regarding startup life] is it’s harder than they could have ever imagined, because they didn’t have a framework for the sort of work and intensity a startup entails.
Sam Altman
former President of YCombinator

How the Incubator Works

We’ve been able to help our founders achieve some of the highest success rates of any incubator that we’re aware of by mentoring them through a proven framework that has helped idea stage founders create and launch billion dollar unicorns like Figment, and fast growing brands like Stix and Bird Buddy. Founders can bring their own ideas, or adopt one of the projects we’ve already built.

From idea to exit

As experienced founders and investors, we’ve designed our program to offer the support we wish we had when getting started. Prota Labs will support you as you grow your idea into a business, and Prota Capital helps successful businesses scale via equity financing. This holistic founder support has resulted in industry leading returns for founders and investors. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your idea.
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Ideation Incubator

Validate Idea
Validate Demand
Validate Prototype

Product Incubator

Create Private MVP
Launch Public MVP
Build Traction


Scale your business